Nickels for Nets is a challenging, educational and fun program to get kids involve with Sweet Sleep’s mission to provide life-saving mosquito nets for orphaned and abandoned children in malaria-affected areas.

Children, during Noisy Collection and VBS,  will be asked to earn as much money as possible (whether in the form of nickels, change or dollars) to provide life-saving mosquito nets to other children in Third World countries. Each mosquito net is only $8, so for every 160 nickels (or 800 pennies, 32 quarters, 80 dimes, etc.) a child raises, a net will be provided to an orphaned or abandoned child in immediate need of a mosquito net.

The Nickels for Nets program will also educate children on the importance of using mosquito nets in other parts of the world. Without these nets, children are susceptible to malaria and its dangerous, deadly effects. Cerebral malaria (the worst case of the disease) can kill a child in 72 hours after being bitten by the infected mosquito.


  • A child dies from malaria every 30 seconds. That’s 2,800 children per day.
  • Malaria is very preventable. And very inexpensive to prevent. The mosquito nets
  • Sweet Sleep provides are just $8 each… eight dollars to save a child’s life.
  • In Africa, according to the World Health Organization, one in every five childhood deaths (20 percent) is due to malaria. A typical African child may experience one to five malaria related fevers a year.


Malaria is an infection of the blood caused by mosquitoes that carry the malaria parasites. The infected mosquito bites a person and then transmits it to another person when they are bitten by the infected mosquito.

Thank you for your partnership to help Sweet Sleep prevent malaria!

Written by Lauri Hubach