Weddings at St. Peter’s UCC

This is the usual wedding arrangement for the church sanctuary with kneeling bench, candelabras, unity candle holder on the altar, and aisle candles on the pews.  Candelabras and aisle candles may be decorated with ribbon, flowers, or vines.  Questions should be directed to Sue Smith, Wedding Coordinator, at(440) 984-2016.


The Altar

This is the altar with the unity candle holder.  It may be decorated with flowers or vines.  You must supply your own unity candle.  The white tapers are normally supplied.  If other colors are desired, you must supply them also.


Chapel Weddings at St. Peter’s UCC

Weddings can also be performed in the Chapel, which can seat a maximum of 30 people.  A small organ and piano are available.   The flowers on the altar are artificial.  If you wish to use real flowers, you must also supply your own vases.  If you wish to use lighted candles in the candelabras, you must supply them.

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