There comes to my mind a word, or sets of words from time to time. I know that they are not my own thoughts, but were uttered by someone, in some setting, that just resurfaced in a moment of reflection or often, more likely, when I just stop focusing on the task at hand.

Recently the phrase, “A Grateful Life” entered my mind. Perhaps it is the process born of doing 5 funerals these last two months and listening to families attempt to put into words the impact that the deceased had in their lives. Perhaps it just rose to the surface of my mind as I ponder my own sense of the “Cost and Joy of Discipleship”* as a pastor who is a temporary shepherd to a group of folks finding their way. Perhaps it just is in the background when I step on the golf course for my 54th year of my annual ritual of picking up the stick and realize that no matter how bad a day of “flog”- ing** is, I could be having to walk 10 miles for clean water or foraging the garbage bins to feed my family.

“A Grateful Life”…….why does it seem so hard at times? Not the part where there are real challenges in our lives which truly make it hard to see and feel the gratitude, those we get. But the part where we can just sit, breathe deeply, and actually feel the goodness that is around us.

I am working more these last weeks at being a “Grateful Life” in all I am doing. I simply don’t wish to walk casually through my days, however much I might individually enjoy them and what I do. I do want that other older phrase “an attitude of gratitude” to be part of my every moment, consciously on my mind, on my lips, and in my heart.

So, where are you in your journey of living “A Grateful Life?” And perhap

Written by sysadmin